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John McGlynn has released two solo albums to date. "Songs for a Fallen Angel" in 1997 and "Fragments" 2019. He will be finishing his new album "Between a Forest and a Lake" and is currently organising dates and venues for an extensive tour in 2022.

Apart from his solo work his songs and arrangements appear on many recordings by Anúna including "Siúil a Rúin" ["Invocation" 1994], "The Lass of Glenshee" ["Omnis" 1995], "The Fisher King" ["Deep Dead Blue" 1996], "The Salley Gardens" ["Anúna" 2002], "O Come all ye Faithful" ["Christmas Memories" 2008]. In 2007 three of his tracks appeared on "Celtic Origins", "If all she has is you", "Siúil a Rúin" and his arrangement of "Annie's Song" by John Denver. He also formed Sweet June in 2006 with Mia Fitzgerald. Information on the group is here

Most recently the Canadian synth-pop duo "Electric Youth" released it as the only cover song on their debut album "Innerworld" in 2014 produced by Vince Clarke [Depeche Mode]

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Please click on the link below to purchase copies of "Fragments" and "Songs for a Fallen Angel"

The cost is $25.00 per copy including shipping and each copy will be signed with a personal greeting.

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