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John McGlynn's second album Fragments was released at the beginning of 2019. It went straight to No.1 in the iTunes Irish album downloads charts. It took nearly 20 years to complete and is built around McGlynn’s crystal-clear vocals and unique fingerstyle guitar. It is produced by Rebecca Shannon (Chirpy) who lends lush, sensual synths, vocals and arrangements to a remarkable album.

Fragments is ten snapshots of a life. "Waterfall" a dark essay that explores the depths of an Irish winter. "Sarah Jane" a tribute to the actress Elisabeth Sladen. "Heavenward" is a journey home to find that all of the guilt and darkness carried through life are merely memories and ghosts. His years in London permeate "Dreams of Lisa", a simple homage to the Kitchen Sink dramas of the 1960s. The title track "Fragments" with it's flamenco style guitars and powerful vocals, evokes the memory of an affair that ended but culminated in joy and freedom. The final track "The River" is an exhausted love song sung at the last moments of his father, raw and uncompromising.


JOHN MCGLYNN fragments

"McGlynn has an ethereally breathtaking voice. His warmth and focused performances instantly penetrate the soul and offer the listener respite from the noise of the world. [He] proves once again why he is a timeless artist worth the wait. There is so much to savor on Fragments"


"It is a goldmine of pure love and decadence. There are things in life, so beautiful that songs must be written for them. The slow and steady march of the picked chords relegate our voyeuristic ears to melt and shudder"


"There’s a sentiment in this song that feels like it could be 200 years old and no one would be the wiser. Beautiful articulation from start to finish"

Ear to the Ground

Please click on the link below to purchase copies of "Fragments" and "Songs for a Fallen Angel"

The cost is $25.00 per copy including shipping and each copy will be signed with a personal greeting.

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