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"This is beautiful, organic contemporary Irish music with traditional elements peeping through..."
- Maria Buckley, Edinburgh Festival Review - 3 weeks

The group came into existence during the recording of Anúna’s 2006 PBS Special Celtic Origins, when John arrived into the control room to find Mia playing his guitar. “The moment I heard her I knew she played like me, something I’d never encountered before or since”. They rehearsed over the next few months and gradually Sweet June was a girl of potential. From the first rehearsal the sensibilities of the group were clear. An electric live free-wheeling performance firmly placed on top of two interweaved guitars. 

They debuted with Ciara Dunlea on vocals in 2007 in The Sugar Club in Dublin.

In 2008 they did two gigs as part of The Edinburgh Festival in August with Fiona Wight on vocals. The first was in the renowned Assembly Rooms courtesy of Dave Mauchlin Productions in front of all of the industry professionals in the UK. The next day they filled the The Gilded Balloon with a 45 minute set that garnered three stars from the official Edinburgh Festival Review.

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JOHN MCGLYNN sweet june

They played their final gig in September of 2009 when they were invited to guest for Choice Music Prize winner Julie Feeney. Lisa Lambe was the main vocalist and they delivered a blistering 20 minute set.

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