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JOHN MCGLYNN electric youth


"IF ALL SHE HAS IS YOU" from the album "INNERWORLD" released 2014

Electric Youth [The Canadian synth-pop duo] put If all she has is you on their debut album Innerworld in 2014. Their beautiful song A Real Hero was the closing scene in the movie Drive featuring Ryan Gosling.

Referencing my version of the song on Anúna's PBS  special Celtic Origins, they told me that they had just moved to LA and were checking out the local TV stations.

"Then your solo performance of 'If All She Has is You' came on and our jaws dropped and had tears from how beautiful. [it was]. We decided right then we would make it the one cover on our debut album, with the hopes of doing our best to try and bring this beautiful song to more people".

The album was produced by Vince Clarke [Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure].

"Crafted in the image of nu-romantic synth-pop acts like Soft Cell and Yaz, Electric Youth's Innerworld is awash in '80s earmarks. In fact, Yaz's Vince Clarke lent a hand (and a Yamaha CS80) to the album. The arpeggiated melodies and programmed drums that course through Innerworld evoke memories of lost '80s hits, hinting at the likes of Berlin, Nu Shooz, Scandal and Regina, especially in tracks like "Without You" and the slower ballad "If All She Has Is You." Electric Youth operates with a sense of remove, though, evocative of icy Italo hits of that same era."

NPR.ORG  - Andy Beta

"Recalling heartbreak on ‘If All She Has Is You’ and staying strong on the Saint Etienne-like ‘Tomorrow’. Shot through with warm hooks, it’s a worthy retooling of old synth styles."
NME - Matthew Horton
"A cover of Irish tunesmith John McGlynn's waltz "If All She Has Is You" further triggers unexpected chills. An enchanting, theatrical soliloquy, sparse with just vocal and elegiac Vangelis keys, "She waited in vain / A figure in black." A spectral and curiously forlorn aside. Its oddly unsettling "Mmm mmm" fade all but wraps a macabre black bow around a minor key Greek tragedy."
POP MATTERS  - Matt James

"It also would have been nice if they had cut the treacly ballad "If All She Has Is You," which sounds like it came in 14th place in 1984's Eurovision competition."

ALL MUSIC - Tim Sendra
"Griffin and Garrack, the man with the beautiful dreadlocks, are also able to keep a song small. If All She Has Is You is a worn synth pop song with a chorus to fall head over heels in love with. That's Griffin and Garrack, by the way. They have been inseparable since primary school."

WRITTEN IN MUSIC - Pieter Visscher
“Innerworld” is a journey, an adventure, and untold story. From the beginning with “Before Life” that floats you into a different reality, “Runaway” and “We Are The Youth” journeying through an adolescent awakening, to “If All She Has Is You” and “The Best Thing” as love blossoms, it’s hard to describe in words these elated and heartsick lyrics and synths for yourself, so go do that instead now."
RAYER RAFTING - Joshua Schellhammer

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